Bengaluru: With lies and misinformation as the driving force behind the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), one can only pity the pathetic state of affairs. 
There is absolutely no effort being made to ferret the truth, no pains being taken to do some research nor is their any intent to hanker after facts. 

In an anti-CAA protest being held in Bihar, a protester doesn’t even know what he is protesting against. When the correspondent of a local TV channel asks him as to why he is protesting, he says there is a lot of chaos and there is a need to carry out a bandh. He also adds that there is a lot of inflation and quotes the example of the rise in onion prices for the cause of the protest. He even says the price of a kilogram of onions is Rs 200/kg.  

In the name of anti-CAA protest, many have resorted to arson and vandalism as well. Tyres were set ablaze, buses were torched and slogans were shouted. 

But ironically, many protesters do not even know why the CAA was enacted, what its features are and how it impacts our country. 

Propelled and instigated by Congress, these protesters have only one agenda on their minds and that is to oppose PM Narendra Modi’s schemes. 

As funny as it gets, one of the protesters, when asked as to what the abbreviation CAA stood for, expressed his ignorance. Another protester said that he was protesting because former AICC protester Rahul Gandhi was not being provided SPG cover! 

With a view to thwart their efforts, PM Modi, in an address at the Ramlila Maidan, took on the Congress coterie and cohort and demolished their claims in a systematic manner. 

He also invoked Mahatma Gandhi and his appeal to allow Hindus and Sikhs to come to India if they feel persecuted in Pakistan.