Bengaluru: The determination to excel is the only requisite to achieve success in life. Irrespective of the hurdles you face, the will to achieve big in life will help you reach your destination. 

The story of Bimal Mazumdar of Kolkata is inspirational. Due to household poverty, he had to leave the village at the age of 16 and come to Kolkata. After this, he ran a lot of errands in many places. But there was something else in his mind. The urge to learn was so great that he learned to work secretly while working as a security guard in a leather factory. Today, he has his own leather products manufacturing company, with a turnover in crores. 

Bimal says that he started selling rice at the age of 16 from Kolkata to support the family. However, there was not much money that he used to earn. Due to work, he also missed his studies. When he came out of the village, there was only Rs 37 in his pocket.

Bimal stayed at a friend's room for two weeks. Then got to work in a sweet shop nearby. He worked there from 7 am to 12 noon. As quoted by Dainik Bhaskar, he explains, “There used to be sacks on the roof of a factory where all the workers slept. I never thought that such situations would come in my life”. 

A few days later Bimal started working at a clothes shop. He worked there for three years. Then a friend gave the address of a factory. It was a medicine factory. Security guards were needed there. Bimal started working as a guard there. A few days later, the company transferred him to the leather factory.
It is here that he learnt the tricks of the trade. He started manufacturing goods from it like purses. 

Later he started his own company and has had a turn of Rs 3 crore.