Bengaluru: Saraf is a youngster from Jammu. He loved to have a living in hotel management. Though he did well in his course, all thanks to the lockdown, he could not realise his dreams. 

However, as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. He started a hotel in his home itself. As lady luck favours the brave, he has had good business. He earns around Rs 1 lakh a month now! 

He adds that he went to Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur for an internship while studying hotel management. His work there was well liked. From there, his profile was made and sent to the Taj Hotel. In March 2020, the selection of Saraf was also done. He was to join in September. However, he could not join due to Corona. Later the job was no more. Meanwhile, he decided to make some recipes in free time. He then made some veg and non-veg recipes and fed them to relatives. People liked their food test. After this Saraf decided that he would open his own restaurant.


Saraf started a restaurant named 'Out of the Box'. He focused on the food test. He says, "If you want to reach the hearts of people, then they can also be reached through their tongues." Saraf prepared a special menu, that includes food like North Indian veg – non-veg, South Indian, cheeky style fish and Keema Rajma. With this, keeping in mind the youth taste, he started making Kabali kebabs and burgers.

In his home itself, they have made two arrangements. Those who wish to eat there itself can do so or those who like to take it away can do so as per their liking. 

It is in this way that he has attained success.