Bengaluru: Kamlesh Tiwari, 45, a former president of Hindu Mahasabha was shot dead in Lucknow by two unidentified assailants. 

Close on the heels of an RSS family being butchered just last week in West Bengal, infamous for Hindus being targeted, Kamlesh’s death indeed comes as a piece of news, literally indigestible. 

In Karnataka alone, many Hindu activists (Paresh Mesta in Mangaluru, Deepak Rao near Surathkal, Prashant Pujari in Dakshina Kannada and Rudresh in Bengaluru to name a few) have died miserable deaths, allegedly coming under the onslaught of extreme elements. 

Vrushank Bhat, editor of Vikrama, a Kannada weekly magazine says, “People who are fighting to preserve diversity of Bharat are being targeted not just verbally, but physically as well. In Karnataka alone, during former CM Siddaramaiah’s rule, Hindu activist Rudresh was hacked to death, on the streets of Bengaluru. Even now, the government is not ready to investigate it with a Jihadi angle. It is high time government should start investigating these murders from Jihadi angle.” 

Another source from the RSS, who wished to remain anonymous said, “We condemn any killing, be it Hindus or others. Hindus are being targeted. Anti-social elements are present everywhere, in every state. Whether BJP or any other government, it has to take action swiftly and effectively.” 

Kamlesh Tiwari is said to have rendered a great service towards the cause of building Ram Temple at Ayodhya. Representatives of Hindu Mahasabha have strong feelings that this is an example of target killing and add that he had been specifically chosen, days before the Ayodhya verdict is to be given.  

Go Madhusudhan, a BJP spokesperson blames Muslim goons for the murder. “Kamlesh Tiwari was in support of building Ram Temple at Ayodhya, he was very active in organising people for almost 2-3 decades. He was a very strong Hindu leader. Just to create a threat in the society, some ‘Muslim goons’ shot him yesterday. This is only to threaten the Hindu society and the central government, in case, a verdict is given in support of Ram Mandir, there would be bloodshed. Tiwari has been unfortunately sacrificed.”