Varanasi: Inspired by the Iron Man franchise, a part-time employee at a private university in Varanasi has developed an Iron-Man suit with the aim of helping the Indian Army soldiers in their encounters with enemies.

Shyam Chaurasia, who works at the Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management, said that he made the suit prototype, keeping the soldiers of the Indian Army in mind.

"It is a metal suit designed to help the Indian Army soldiers during their encounters with terrorists and enemies. Currently, it is just a prototype, but it can help the soldiers immensely during times of battle," Chaurasia told ANI on Monday.

"We have used gears and motors and it also has a mobile connection so that it can be used remotely. It has sensors which will help the jawans even when they are attacked from behind," he added.

The suit is currently made of tin, but Shyam is determined to seek funds to make a working model out of it.

Shyam Chaurasia added that the suit would act as a deterrent to the enemies of the nation, and at the same time embolden the soldiers even further by reducing the risk on their lives.

"I would urge the government agencies like DRDO to take note of this suit and to build upon it to help the soldiers as other countries like Pakistan among others too are working on such models. The cost of a soldier's life is very high. What I have done is just an attempt to bring it in the radar of DRDO and other agencies," he said.