Telangana: An Uttar Pradesh man accidentally fell from a moving train and had to walk 9km carrying his intestines in his shirt. The victim, Sunil Chowhan, was traveling in the train with his brother Praveen and another migrant worker. They were traveling to Andhra Pradesh from Uttar Pradesh, in search of job opportunities.

On Monday, while Sunil got out of his berth to go to the toilet at 2am, he accidentally fell out of the train. Since most of the passengers were sleeping at that time, no one noticed that had Sunil slipped from the train. Sunil reportedly hit an iron rod and his stomach was ripped open. As he lost his mobile phone in the accident, he had no other option but to walk in search of a hospital. In huge pain, Sunil managed to push his intestines into the stomach, but failed. He later carried his intestines in his shirt and walked for 9km.

Hasanparthy station master luckily saw Sunil who was struggling to walk and rushed him to Mahatma Gandhi hospital in Warangal, Telangana where he underwent immediate surgery. After reaching the hospital Sunil recalled his brother’s phone number and informed him about what happened.

Reports state that Sunil’s condition is critical.

His medical tests reports stated that he was not drunk and there was no alcohol in his blood.

Meanwhile, Sunil’s family from Uttar Pradesh reached Warangal on Tuesday after they were informed of the incident.