Aligarh: The BJP Kisan Morcha in Uttar Pradesh performed prayers and chanted Hanuman Chalisa on an Aligarh road, in protest against namaz being read on the roads.

Former Aligarh mayor Shakunthala Bharti also took part in the maha arathi and chanting of Hanuman Chalisa.

BJP's Kisan Morcha leader Tanurag Varshaney there is no special attribution to chanting Hanuman Chalisa on the road. When Muslims can read namaz on the road, why Hindu's cannot perform maha arathi, he questioned.

“This month is considered as the most auspicious month of the year. We are not following them. If they have freedom to do certain this, why don't we have it?” he said.

Reacting to the same, Bharti also agreed and asked what was wrong in performing maha arathi on road?

BJP leader Manav Mahajan took media to task and said that he wants to make people as well as the media that there is a need for awareness against reading namaz on the road.

“People should start thinking why should one block the road to read namaz. Hindus performing maha arathi is such an attempt to create awareness that Hindus do not block roads,” Mahajan opined.

He also thanked the people for starting the tradition of performing maha arathi on road, because that will at least lead to an argument.

“So far there was no one speaking out against namaz on roads. But this they transform the road into a Mosque. There is a need for argument regarding this,” he said.