Bengaluru: The coronavirus-induced pandemic in India has had disastrous effects on the country. 

Jobs were lost. Economy hit the nadir. And people lost their livelihoods. 

Many migrants also started going back to their states as their employers could not pay them for lack of work. 

The whole nation stood in solidarity with them as they went back to their hometowns. 

Now, a study by Harvard University and shared by the Uttar Pradesh government says that the Yogi Adityanath government handled the migrant crisis 'most adroitly' when unforeseen challenges caused, Swarajya reports.

The study also took into account the pains and privations faced by the migrants and how the UP government efficiently handled the crisis. 

When such a predicament was at play, the study acknowledges that the UP government provided good transportation, ration kits among others.  

The migrant labourers mainly relied on daily wages for survival and the state government announced schemes to provide free ration to them, it notes further. 

It is to be noted that UP is one state that sends a lot of people to other states in the construction sector. When these migrants returned, the UP government took care of their sustenance, made employment arrangements and upskilled them. 

The state government, in consonance with the Central government, took a holistic approach towards addressing the crisis, the study said.

The government also arranged buses and Shramik trains by keeping in touch with the Central government with a view to bring its people back. 

One must also note how the health department jumped in. 90,000 screening teams to screen the migrants and other persons were set up to examine the migrants, their relatives, and acquaintances if they came in contact with them.

The state government also set up as many as 18,140 quarantine facilities.