Bengaluru: Moments after he was sacked as the deputy CM of Rajasthan and PCC chief, Sachin Pilot, the rebel Congress MLA from Tonk put out a tweet, saying “Truth can never be defeated.” 


The decision to sack him was taken by the Congress after he openly rebelled against CM Ashok Gehlot. The Congress tried to pacify him but all their efforts went futile. In fact, reports add that several Congress members dialled him frantically 29 times in a span of just 2 days. 

Sources say that Pilot met Gandhis and poured out his woes, even asking for the CM’s post. But the Gandhis, as per sources, did not countenance his request and asked him to wait further. But a hurt and humiliated Pilot was in no mood to accept their proposal. 


But how did the disgruntlement start in the first place?

Well, it all began when the Special Operations Group sent a notice to the deputy CM to appear for investigations in a case related to destabilising his own Congress government during the Rajya Sabha elections in June.

Two BJP leaders were also arrested in this regard. A phone transcript, as reported by NDTV, said Sachin and his senior were having a fight and added that Pilot wanted to become the CM. This did not go done well with the Congress.


Sources in the Congress party have this to say about the shift in the party: “The absence of a clear and permanent leader has done serious damage to the party which nobody is willing to acknowledge. People leaving the party is not just about their being disloyal or ambitious, it is also about the exasperation that the leadership is indifferent.”

Another source says: “If it is not a platform for the future, what is the point in waiting. So, one seeks immediate rewards. The leadership has to understand the growing demoralisation among workers and take corrective measures.”