Bengaluru: Social media can be a wonderful tool to express oneself. 

It can also be the germane medium to spread awareness on so many things that are important to the society. 

In the present context, the coronavirus pandemic is the most talked about issue in the entire world. 

A video has gone viral on social media in which a man can be heard singing a song to create awareness on the issue, as also noting how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken yeoman efforts in containing the spread to a great extent. 

The video was also shared by Information Consultant to the Uttar Pradesh government, Shalabh Mani Tripathi, on his official Twitter page. “Iska naam hai corona, Iska naam hai corona,” Tripathi tweeted along with the video clip.


It is to be noted that the man notes how PM Modi has urged the people to wear masks, drinking warm water and maintaining social distancing as precautionary measures to combat coronavirus. 

Not just that, he also sings how PM Modi has urged citizens to try and feed the hungry and take care of the elderly in such testing times. “Bharat ko hai Bharat ko bachana (India has to save India),” he sings. He also urges everyone to stay at home.