He is a young entrepreneur who realized his dreams at an early age and went ahead in creating a successful career of his choice.

With the advent of so many business industries and fields all across the world, one thing that makes us wonder is that how these sectors have been on a roll and a constant rise ever since. Well, there are multiple factors, but no one cannot deny that the emergence of many new entrepreneurial talents has majorly contributed to the constant growth and advancements of businesses and fields and this is a great sight to behold, looking at how these young talents are immersing themselves into the big ocean of entrepreneurship to not just create success for themselves, but also make others succeed through their businesses. We came across one such Indian talent, who is buzzing high with his business in Dubai and gradually making a name for himself across the UAE; he is Jai Karan Walia, who, with his firm Clever Corp is making sure to help people set up businesses in Dubai and lead the same to their desired success. Clever Corp is a rising business advisory company based in Dubai that excels in providing advisory services as well as helping set up the process of the new business in the UAE region.

Speaking about his journey, Jai Karan Walia says he moved to Dubai in 2011 for studying mechanical engineering and graduated in 2015. He then did several internships in big MNCs to gain the required knowledge and experience for ultimately starting his own business in the form of Clever Corp, for offering business setup services. Jai Karan Walia did his EMBA from the world's 9th ranked Hult business school. Slowly and steadily, the youngster developed and expanded Clever Corp and now has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria and China.

His group is constantly growing as it has also expanded in different fields of tax consultancy in UAE and real estate. Jai Karan Walia reveals that he already has a real estate development family business in India, where they have made many commercial buildings, housing development across Punjab. However, to do something different, he paved his own path and moved to Dubai to pursue his dreams.

Dubai was the place that he believed will change his life forever and that's what happened. After shifting there, he realized it is a business hub and soon found an amazing team to start his business, Clever Corp. He found several clients from across the world to set up business in Dubai/UAE. They have stood like a leader in the industry for their transparency, guidance and years of experience in consulting and helping people, many of whom have already set up big companies in the UAE. Clever Corp has become a one-stop shop for business needs.

Jai Karan Walia now aspires to expand his family business of real estate development into UAE and create many other big projects in India. And, for Clever Corp, he aims to make it a global brand soon. In 2019, they even won an award, 'Indo Arab summit for best Business Setup in UAE', presented to them by the Union Minister of India. 

As a young entrepreneur, Jai Karan Walia has already created a luxurious lifestyle for himself surrounded by opulent cars and also has a villa in Palm Jumeirah. To know more, follow him on Instagram @jaikaranwalia or visit the website, https://theclevercorp.com/.