Bengaluru: When adversities present themselves, if they are seen as opportunities to do something better, the world becomes a better place to live in.
This is exactly what Amethi MP Smriti Irani has done. She launched a special public hearing initiative 'Aapki Didi, 'Aapke Dwar' programme on July 13. The programme is aimed at redressing via e-Choupals the grievances of the people of her parliamentary constituency Amethi.

As we researched more on the initiative, we came across two instances of how it has worked in a positive manner.
A website we referred to had this material on the issue: Half a dozen families from Amethi's Palia West and Koilara Mubarakpur got ration cards within 24 hours after they informed Irani about it.
People of Maraucha Tetarpur in Jagdishpur complained of lack of electricity to Smriti Irani, on whose instructions, electric poles and wires were installed in the village after 24 hours.


The MP also asked the officials to treat sick people with the help of this initiative.
A news agency quoted Irani's representative Vijay Gupta as saying: "E-Choupals are being organized at the panchayat-level to address the grievances of the people of Amethi. In nearly 100 panchayats of Amethi, such choupals will be organized, which will enable people in 600 gram panchayats to have their grievances redressed by Irani. The aim is to timely overcome the problems of the people of Amethi during the corona pandemic."

Such initiatives indeed help create a bond between the leaders and the citizens. During the lockdown, the website adds that Irani has always made it a point to keep in touch with the people. She is in constant touch with the SP and DM of Amethi and makes it a point to reach out to people through them.