Bengaluru: Next time, when you plan to withdraw a sum of more than Rs 50,000 from your bank and plan to transport it manually, beware! The election commission might come running behind you!  

With Lok Sabha elections fast approaching, Sanjeev Kumar, chief election officer, Karnataka, addressed the media this afternoon. Delineating on the measures that need to be taken in order to curb election-related malpractices, he issued a number of instructions to both the public and bank officials.

At no cost should anyone have an amount in excess of Rs 50,000. If they do have, then it’s only an invitation for trouble! Not just that, if anyone is planning to buy gift items worth more than Rs 10,000, they should have the relevant and valid documents accompanying them. If the documents are not genuine, then the EC officials have the right to confiscate the items, as it will be assumed that the items are enticements.

Even bank officials have to follow standard operating procedures while transferring amount to ATMs and the like. If they fail to do so, EC officials will swoop down on them, thereby arraigning them.

As many as 1300 flying squads and 1837 static squads have been formed. Additionally, 726 police check posts will also be set up to monitor any unlawful activities.

Coming back to the issue of heavy amounts being transferred from a single account to any other account, the election officer made it clear it would be the responsibility of the district collector to scrutinise such accounts and bring them to book, if found guilty.

However, one should note that no permission is needed to hold private events like weddings, but here comes the rider! Such private events can’t  be used to politicise things. For example, if a party candidate uses the private function like weddings to disburse and distribute cash to the ones attending it. If found out, the organisers are liable to be punished.