Bengaluru: The Uttar Pradesh government, with a view to control increasing population, has decided on some tough action to dissuade people from having more than two kids. 
So it is mulling a policy that effectively snatches away perks to those people who have more than 2 kids. 

These parents will be forbidden from taking advantage of schemes like Uttar Pradesh welfare schemes or contest panchayat elections. 
UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh said in this regard, “Population policy of different states is being studied and the best from them is being culled out for our state which is the most populous in India.”

He added that a group of experts is reviewing a draft of the population policy, which was last revised in 2000.

State’s Family Welfare director-general Dr Badri Vishal, who is also on the panel had this to say: “Several states, particularly Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh - which are smaller than us in terms of population - have rolled out schemes to de-incentivise too many children. In both the states, those with more than two children cannot contest panchayat elections. We propose to adopt this rule.”

An officer, who works in a related department had this to say on curbing facilities to those who have more than 2 kids. 

He said, “Though this is a tough call, certain states do not reimburse school fee allowance to those government employees who have more than two children.”

The officer further added, “In 2001, Rajasthan rolled out its population control policy which doesn’t permit people with more than two children from entering state services.”

It is pertinent and apt to note that PM Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day speech last year, broached the issue of population control. 

 Importance of two-child policy 

Having a cap on the number of children means that the population will be under check. Though it’s not a manifesto promise, it can be looked into as it ensures fair distribution of natural resources.  If India has to truly excel on the world stage, it has to focus on its bursting population and bring it to saner levels. A two-child policy is an important issue and it has to be gone into. This will ensure people will have enough natural resources at their disposal.