Kolkata/ New Delhi: The Kolkata airport witnessed an unprecedented showdown on Saturday when the police came in direct confrontation with the customs department. A female passenger, who was allegedly caught with 2 kg of gold, was at the centre of this faceoff. And sources told MyNation that the lady in question was none less than the wife of second-in-command TMC leader Abhishek Banerjee.

She was flying on a Thai Airways flight and landed in Kolkata from Bangkok. She went through normal screening, where her 2 kg gold was seized. When questioned about it, she called her husband. Very soon, sources say, several police personnel reached the Kolkata airport. But later, the matter was amicably sorted.

Top sources in the customs department revealed the identity of the lady to MyNation. She was Mamata Banerjee's nephew Abhishek Banerjee's wife. Abhishek is not only an MP, but the de facto deputy in the ruling party.

MyNation tried to contact Abhishek Banerjee, but he did not respond.

However, in a communication sent later to MyNation, Rujira's legal team wrote: "It is denied that our client was carrying 2 kg gold as alleged or at all. It is further denied that any gold had been seized from our client as alleged or at all. Our client was travelling with her sister who was required to identify the belongings in her bag, which was duly identified and found to be not violating any statutory limits. And on such finding, our client and her sister made their way out of the airport without any objection from the Customs authority. It is denied that any kind of political influence was used."

Meanwhile, BJP leaders from the state started making political insinuations. Attaching a news article, BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta tweeted, "This sketchy item appeared in a Kolkata paper on Sunday. Apparently, there was an incident that resulted in a face-off between the local police and the customs. It would be worth the while if our “investigative” reporters find out more. Is there a political angle?" The dig was apparent, the attack was obvious.


Meanwhile, Union minister in the Modi government Babul Supriyo too jumped into the fray. He even went a step further to allege that the lady in question was also in possession of a Thai passport. "Woman caught with a Thai passport carrying more than 2 kilos of gold — when everyone knows she is voter of South KOL • No prize for guessing who the Lady of the Young Powerful Politician IS !! We shall ensure a thorough enquiry is done on this !! (SIC)", tweeted Supriyo.