Mysuru: It’s been about 220 years since the Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan died. Many believe that apart from the fact that the former Mysuru ruler’s death was caused due to factors such as the betrayal by Mir Sadiq and the trap laid by Britishers, Amavasya (new moon day) had a part to play.

Many of the townsfolk in Srirangapatna who have heard several tales of Tipu believe that he met his unfortunate end because he ventured out at an inauspicious moment.

Kumar S, an auto rickshaw driver who ferries passengers to and from Srirangapatna Fort said, Sultan was very brave and often addressed his subjects saying that a man needs to live like a tiger even if it was for just two days. Kumar believes it is this fearless attitude that led him to not pay heed to his wife's advice.

“When his wife was serving him dinner, she advised him not to venture out on Amavasya warning him that it would bring misfortune and had left him for a while to fetch some savouries. By the time she returned, Tipu had left the palace. The next day, Tipu's body was found near Tipu’s Drop which is half a kilometre away from the palace. Many still believe, had Tipu listened to his wife, he would have survived then." said Kumar.

Noted astrologer SK Jain said, “The observance of Amavasya has been existent for a long period of time and it is interesting to know that even Tipu Sultan's family believed in it. It has an impact on Indians to this day. India's division was during Amavasya. Former PM HD Deve Gowda lost his post during Amavasya. The Mumbai terror attack was carried out during Amavasya. And even the 2019 Assembly results which delivered a fractured verdict were announced during Amavasya.  It is advised that, important decision should not be taken and special poojas should be held on this day," said Jain.

Echoing similar sentiments, Daivajna KN Somayaji said that out of all Amavasyas Bheemana Amavasya and Chaitra Amavasya are very powerful. "People should be careful as untoward incidents are commonplace during Amavasya," he said.

Sardar Ahmed Qureshi, president, Tipu Sene said that, Tipu may not have believed in bad omen, but always ensured that his palanquin stopped at Ranganatha Temple for five minutes when he passed by it and also rode his horse to the temple through a tunnel after his Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid in Srirangapatna.

"The first darshan at the Srirangapatna Temple on the second-half of every Friday was for Tipu. He also offered silver ornaments to temple," said Qureshi.

As the story goes, Tipu Sultan was having dinner while he was informed about a breach in his fort by Mir Sadiq, and he ventured out. He was killed between 9pm to 9:30pm on that fateful night.