Bengaluru: For a moment, keep the holy trait of compassion side. Even a bit of nous would dictate that none makes fun of a victim of any crime. 

That being the case, a victim of an acid attack deserves special care can concern, for the sheer fact that they would have faced the most sordid crime in their life and would be left facing its disastrous consequences perennially. 

You might all be aware of a lady by name Rangoli Chandel. Incidentally, she happens to be the elder sister of tinsel town actress Kangana Ranaut. But more importantly, she is a victim of acid attack. 

Now, shift your focus to what happened on the campus of the controversial JNU. Another actress Deepika Padukone went all the way to the campus, to express her solidarity with the victims by standing with them for 10 minutes. 

While her move to meet only the victims of the followers of the Left ideology continues to be debated and discussed, there was one Tweet put out by a user named Atul Khatri. 

Clearly in support of Deepika visiting JNU, he mocked Rangoli as the ABVP hoped to get support from her. 

Certainly, such inhumane behaviour needs to be condemned by all sane-thinking individuals. 

No one can cast aspersions on Deepika Padukone for visiting the campus, for it was well within her rights. 

But what’s disgusting and shameful is that this Twitter user has shamed an acid victim, and more importantly, has tried to make acid attacks a run-of-the-mill stuff. 

Rangoli was attacked in Dehradun, where she was pursuing engineering. As she refused to accept a proposal, the jilted lover threw one litre of acid on her. The injuries inflicted on her forced her to undergo  54 surgeries.