New Delhi: Prominent TV face, articulate voice of JD(U) and views that reflect the aspirational India, that is Ajay Alok. But why did such a gifted spokesperson 
leave Nitish Kumar's Janta Dal (United)? Unlike the split of Priyanka Chaturvedi from Congress, it was marked by a soliatry tweet "thanking the party President".

Alok said, "I think I am not doing a good job as my views which are mine of course do not match with my party" as the reason for a no-dirty-linen-washing-in-public split. But was it that simple? only someone naive would belive it. There's an inside story of the incident and the meetings which led to the quiet parting away that is making quite a noise in the political corridors.

The radical right bend of Nitish-panthi Ajay Alok

The one reason that is often cited by many for his resignation was his tweet against Amit Shah where Alok questioned Shah as the home minister for infiltration of illegal Bangladeshis. But BJP sources say, no pressure was exerted on the JD(U) to remove him or 'discipline' him after that tweet. 

It was Alok's ever growing radical right bend that was becoming increasingly a matter of discomfiture for Nitish Kumar and his party. On more than one occassion, his views expressed on TV have not been similar to the 'party line', says a JD(U) leader. He insists, "It wasn't because of any tweet. Nitish babu and the party was of the opinion that his views area more in line with BJP than with JD(U). And the party leadership made that clear to him this time."

Just a few days ago, Alok on national TV accused Mamata of creating a "mini Pakistan" out of Bengal that irked the JD(U) more than the TMC. Nitish, who is facing an anti incumbency in Bihar after realligning with BJP, is exploring his options to win back the Muslim votes. And such statements from the JD(U) spokesperson causes more harm to such efforts. After his resignation from JD(U), Alok tweeted on Friday, "If 200 rohingyas beat up doctors in Bengal, that is okay; but the doctors protests are illegitimate", drawing huge applause from BJP supporters online. 

Road block for reallinging with Mahagathbandhan

Though both the BJP and the JD(U) are on the same page right now, there is enough indications that JD(U) may again be exploring its political options away from BJP.
Not very long back, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on stage asking everyone to chant "Bharat Mata ki Jai", Nitish stayed mute, sparking speculations. 

In another instance in April this year, former Bihar chief minister Rabri Devi had claimed that Nitish Kumar wanted to come back to the grand alliance as he pictured Tejashvi Yadav as Bihar CM in 2020, and himself as PM candidate. Rabri had told news agency ANI back in April that political advisor Prashant Kishor had even met her five times after the alliance had ended in July 2017. 

In this context, at least more than one Nitish aide said that Nitish going for a political reallignment with Mahagathbandhan is a probability. All the more after BJP has got 303 seast in Lok Sabha, the JDU fears it will be treated as a junior partner in the alliance. In such a scenario, Ajay Alok's statement against illegal infiltration or Mamata governmnet may prove detrimental for Nitish Kumar and his political career which itself is not pretty steady, inspite of being the chief minister of Bihar. Ajay Alok was contacted many times but didnt elicit any response.

A close Nitish aide has confirmed that Ajay Alok has never been popular among the "durbaris" of Nitish Kumar, who he consults before taking any political decision. The JD(U) leader insists, rather than witnessing Alok join BJP, it is better to "draw the line". Next logical question is will the BJP be in a state to accept Alok after his tweet against Shah? While one BJP leader gave an evasive "we will cross the bridge when it comes" for an answer, the other hailing from the state smiled and said, "Who knows?"

Ajay Alok is still a part of JD(U). At least his twitter bio says so. And he is making his presence felt from this virtual platform.