Bengaluru: Remember the hue and cry over the Statue of Unity in Gujarat? Pseudos were shouting their lungs out saying such a statue was not the need of the hour. Some of them even said that the same money could be used for other important issues concerning the nation. 

Assuming that there was some logic in the arguments of these pseudos at that point in time (Remember, the Statue of Unity has more daily visitors compared to the Statue of Liberty), now let’s move to a more pertinent issue: 

Karnataka Congress strongman DK Shivakumar laid the foundation stone for erecting the world’s tallest statue of Jesus Christ in his constituency, Kanakapura taluk of Ramanagara district.  

The statue would stand tall at 114 feet. 

The Congress MLA even handed over documents related to the 10 acres of land on which the statue would be erected. 

Though we welcome the erection of such a statue as it would be a landmark of the town, we have a few pertinent questions to ask: 

1.    Where are those who wanted a hospital and a library to be built in place of the Ayodhya temple? 

2.    Where are those who said the erection of Sardar statue at a cost of thousands of crores was not needed and the same amount could be used for other purposes? 

3.    Where are those who said Kanakapura needs a medical college?

4.    Can’t the money being used for the erection of this statue (irrespective of private or public funds) be used for other humanitarian works? 

Several people on social media are saying that the statue wasn’t the need of the hour and DK Shivakumar being a Vokkaliga should not have taken up this endeavour. 

Others have also said that this is nothing but appeasing Christians and to be in their good books. 

In fact, a few others have also asked the BJP if the land allotted was snatched away from the indigenous people living there.