Monarch and Ankit Foundation was started by Monarch Goyal and Ankit Bhatia and is based in Chandigarh. The directors have been working towards making a change in the life of individuals and the foundation is a humanitarian endeavor and is a non-profit organization. 

What Does Monarch And Ankit Foundation Do?

The foundation helps such families with multiple things aiming to fulfill their basic needs of food, clothing and medical essentials. Other things which they help the destitute with include utensils and other such requirements.

The foundation has been listed as a non-governmental organization. It does not help only the families registered under BPL but also those poverty-stricken individuals who are living their life on the streets and have nowhere to go. All efforts of the Monarch and Ankit Foundation are aimed towards making life as easier as possible for these people. By working for the underprivileged they hope to alleviate the pain and suffering of such people so that they never go to bed with an empty stomach and lose hope in humanity.

About The Monarch And Ankit Foundation

The directors aim to always spread love and light. The ‘make time to help others’. The Foundation is a non-profit organization and individuals associated with the organization have made it their goal to help those in need with various things. The foundation helps those deprived of the basic needs by providing them these same basic needs which include food, clothing, and medicines.

People who are forced to live on the streets and do not have shelter and even the basic requirements to lead a healthy life are helped by the foundation. Along with providing the essentials, the foundation also provides other things of need such as utensils, and more. The Monarch and Foundation have been pooling in all efforts to make lives better for those who have been impoverished and deprived of necessities and necessary health services.

About Directors - Monarch Goyal and Ankit Bhatia

Monarch Goyal and Ankit Bhatia are the directors of the Monarch and Ankit Foundation and hence the name. Monarch Goyal has been a highly ambitious athlete for a long time and showcased his skills as a cricketer playing with Chandigarh under the UTCA (Union Territory Cricket Association). He is also the Chief Financial Officer at Pyramid Electronics. Ankit Bhatia is also an athlete and just like his partner is based out of Chandigarh.

Together they started this non-profit organization when they saw immense suffering around them. Starting this NGO was always their personal decision which saw no involvement from their families. However, their families supported their endeavor and were more than happy to be a part of it through them. Since both have their careers and responsibilities alongside this organization, they are together trying to build a team of enthusiastic individuals who can step up and serve those in need.

To the younger generation who want to serve people and start their own NGO, the advice from the directors is that such motivated youth should go ahead with their ideas and turn them into reality which will help spread love and light which happens to be the ultimate goal of humanity. Both Monarch Goyal and Ankit Bhatia love to see the happy faces of individuals who they have helped and this is the motivation that keeps them going.

Monarch and Ankit Foundation - A Ray Of Hope

The Monarch and Ankit Foundation appeals to people to make time to help others and spread light and love. If you have a desire to help others in need, you can join the Foundation in their efforts to help the underprivileged and make a real change in their lives. Even a little contribution from you can make a huge difference to the lives of these disadvantaged people and restore their faith in humanity.

To join the Monarch and Ankit Foundation, you check out their official social media handle on Instagram through which you can also personally reach out to the directors.

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