Bengaluru: India is the grip of viral vengeance. People are struggling to find oxygen, hospital beds and ambulances as the medical infrastructure comes under scrutiny. 

To make up for it, many temples and mosques have been converted into covid centres.

Now, as per an OpIndia report, the Adani Group has announced that the Adani Foundation will convert the company’s Adani Vidya Mandir School in Ahmedabad to a COVID-19 Care Centre (CCC).

In a post on Twitter, Adani said, “Our Adani Vidya Mandir school in Ahmedabad will be converted by the @AdaniFoundation into a COVID Care Centre with oxygen support and other medical amenities. This will lighten the ever-increasing patient load on our hospitals. विद्यादान से जीवनदान(from giving education to giving life).”

The Group added, “The government and healthcare institutions are pooling their resources to contain this fast-spreading pandemic. We must support them in every possible way we can. We will convert our school’s halls of learning into halls of life – from vidya-daan to jeevan-daan,” the group said.

How India is putting up a brave front during the crisis: 

The Armed forces, Indian Railways and DRDO have been at their best, trying to help the citizens in whatever way possible. 

While the forces are busy transporting oxygen to different parts of the country, the DRDO is engaged in building hospitals and also transferring oxygen creating technology – the Onboard Oxygen Generation System. 

The Indian Railways has set up an Oxygen Express service that travels to all parts of India, distributing oxygen. The air force has also deployed its giant aircraft to ferry oxygen. 

Citizens have also used twitter as a noticeboard to seek help and disseminate information about those seeking the essentials.

On the other hand, several countries are sending in relief materials which include oxygen cylinders, concentrators and ventilators.