Bengaluru: A Tablighi attendee, aged 30 years, committed suicide at a hospital in Akola, Maharashtra. Reports add that he was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Friday. On learning the issue, he committed suicide today (April 11). 

Reports further add that he slit his throat using a blade inside the washroom of the isolation ward. 

According to sources, the deceased was a native of Assam and had come to Akola with other Tablighi Jamaat members after attending the Markaz event in Nizamuddin, New Delhi between March 6 and 8.

Sources said after developing symptoms of Covid-19, he himself approached the hospital and got admitted a few days ago, India Today added. 

Earlier, a policeman who caught 21 Tablighi attendees tested positive for COVID-19. 

The police inspector had led an operation to apprehend the 21 foreign nationals in Mumbra after the Tablighi Jammat event at Nizamuddin area in Delhi amid the coronavirus outbreak, as reported by India Today.

The senior police inspector apprehended 13 Bangladeshi nationals and eight Malaysian nationals who had attended the Delhi event of Tablighi Jamaat in March.

The policeman also made sure that the 21 members, after being caught, were sent to a quarantine centre.

But later, he showed symptoms of covid-19. He was tested and found positive. He was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Nashik.

Tablighi members are facing a lot of complaints. They have been alleged to have spat on doctors, misbehaved with female staff and even thrown urine-filled bottles and defecated outside rooms in quarantine centres.

They have also been accused of roaming around the country, spreading the virus to many people.

The authorities have appealed to them to visit labs and get themselves checked.