Bengaluru: As many of you would know, leucoderma is a disorder in which the immune system of the body attacks healthy cells. It is characterised by white patches on the body. 

But there is no scope for scarring or shaming the patient. 

However, for Shalini Gupta of Mumbai, who is all of 26 years, this disorder was enough for others to ostracise and hurt her in her childhood. 

As she suffered this disorder in her childhood, none actually was willing to stay with her. 


In fact, her own grandmother refused to drink water from her hands. 

It is also very saddening to note that her parents refused to take her to weddings and other functions. They were of the opinion that others would think ill of her. 

In spite of such abominable attitude towards her, she did not lose her poise and grace. 

Last year, she decided to take up classes in self-development. She wanted to establish herself in the society among all the uncouth behaviour she had to face. 

She also started a business venture “Positive Chocolate by Shalini”.  

She writes handwritten messages to those who buy chocolates about confidence and love. 

Shalini has also done her Chartered Accountancy.

It is while doing her CA that she wanted to do her own business. 

That is when she thought of starting one in chocolates, which she loves a lot. 

She also remembers how her mother stood by her and egged her on to continue with her studies and business. 

After all, leucoderma is a skin condition and it is not a licence to harm and humiliate others. By the way, Shalini urges others to face the society bravely and not to be bothered by differing opinions. 

Now all that she does is spread love, confidence and confidence to all! 

Kudos Shalini!