Bengaluru: The riots in Sweden over burning of the holy Quran are a grim reminder of the Bengaluru riots which took place after a reverential Islamic figure was allegedly mocked on social media. 

Though such acts as burning of the books are condemnable, it gives no rights whatsoever for hoodlums to set an entire place on fire. 

Netizens were on fire wondering how such things could happen. 

While such riots in India are often blamed due to the act of right wingers and even things such as the CAA, NRC among others, many wondered what happened in Sweden? 


There was another interesting tweet on those who mocked the ‘light a diya’ campaign during the lockdown with the event that took place in Sweden. 


There was another interesting tweet on how many journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai would now jump in to defend the rioters. 


BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who is often blamed for the Delhi riots, for his alleged incendiary remarks that sparked the riots also took a jibe! 


There was also one tweet pulling up Greta Thunberg who has made her voice heard in the NEET exams fiasco and even floods in Karachi, but has remained mum on the Sweden riots.


A note on Sweden riots

Sweden was on fire after a copy of the holy Quran was burnt in Malmo. More than 300 people gathered to protest after which they set tyres on fire. 
Sensing the gravity of the issue, an imam even put out a post on Facebook, saying such violence doesn’t represent Islam. 

While the condemnation goes on, several Hindu leaders drew parallels with how Hindu gods and goddesses are mocked daily on social media, but take recourse under the law of the land to complain about such things but do not resort to violence.