New Delhi: The Supreme Court has asked the Tamil Nadu government to immediately stop people from putting up banners and posters of elections and cut-outs off leaders of political parties on mountains and natural rocks. A three judge bench of the Supreme Court, comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Justice S. Abdul Nazeer and Justice Sanjeev Khanna, delivered the order.
Snubbing the counsel for Tamil Nadu government, the Apex court said the state had no right to allow the destruction of nature with political banners and cut-outs of politicians. It must stop it at all costs. The court directed the state government to stop the loss of natural landscape with flags of political parties, advertisements, banners and posters. 

The court ordered this after hearing the petition of the groups working on the rescue of animals. The petition sought a judicial order for disqualification of those electoral candidates who do not immediately remove political advertising, flags, banners, etc. etc. from mountains. Under the petition, Tamil Nadu as well as the Chief Election Commission, political parties like AIADMK, DMK general secretary, BSP, Seepiain, Congress and NCP have been made respondent in the order.

The decision of the Madras high court taken on March 3, 2017 has been challenged too. The high court said that it would not be possible to take immediate steps in this regard to the state. The cleanup may take a little while. The petition also alleges that when the hearing was going on, none of the political parties at that time was present in the High Court and no affidavit was also sent in this regard.