New Delhi: The Supreme Court has accepted the Union government's proposal to reconstructGuru Ravidas Temple at the same spot where it was demolished.

On Monday, the apex court also directed the Centre to form a committee to oversee its construction.

The Centre made changes to its earlier proposal, and approached the apex court with a proposition that it is willing to increase the area for the construction of the temple from 200 to 400 square metres.

The shrine located at Tughlakabad in a protected forest area was demolished by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in August following an order of the Supreme Court.

The demolition of the shrine had caused ruckus and witnessed widespread protests across the country.

The court has also said that those arrested for demonstration against the demolition of Ravidas Temple be released forthwith on a personal bond.

Agreeing with the Centre, the court also directed to set up a committee to enable the building of the temple.

The Supreme Court had ordered to vacate the temple in April this year and directed Guru Ravidas Jayanti Samaroh Samiti to hand over its authority to the DDA.

Earlier, following protests by Dalits, the Centre had offered 200 square meters of land to re-build the temple.

Currently, during Monday's hearing, Centre's law officer KK Venugopal offered 400 square metres  for the temple. The bench led by Justice Arun Misra accepted the offer.