Bengaluru: Amit Tyagi hails from Uttar Pradesh. He has an MBA degree. He was working in an MNC and was being paid handsomely. 

But he wanted to do something different. That is when he decided to start vermicompost. 

You may find it difficult to believe, but he has such units in 14 states and earns profitably. 


He says, as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar, "My wife also has an MBA. She came to know about preparing vermicompost in a program. After that she insisted on starting something similar. Then we decided to try and see After we started working, we sold the first sample to a nursery. After about a week, the nursery man started demanding fertilizer again. If the manure was not ready, we made an excuse and said that the fertilizer is Rs 10 per kg. At the time, the price of fertilizer was only 50 paise per kg. The nursery agreed to buy it for Rs 10 a kg”. 

Though he has tasted success, initially, it was not easy for him. At that time, organic farming did not have a great reception from the farmers. He had to struggle to convince the farmers about the efficacy of the vermicompost. 

That is when he decided to travel to different villages and educate farmers about the usefulness of vermicompost. 

As he took pains to educate them, many were convinced and started buying it from him. 

It is heartening to note that he has around 300 beds in Meerut alone. They create 100 tons of it on a monthly basis. 

With a successful venture, Amit has now taken up the task of helping and training other farmers to crate vermicompost. 

All they need is a land where waterlogging doesn’t happen. They sell the product ranging from Rs 6  to Rs 20 a kg.