Bengaluru: Meet Sujatha Dalal. She was a government schoolteacher in Delhi.


But what is so special about her? Well, in her free time, she takes up organic farming. Today she grows a variety of vegetables and finds fulfilment in life. 

In 2016, she got selected for an innovative project started by the Delhi government for those who aspired to grow beyond the framework of teaching. 

Luckily, she too got selected and understood the nitty-gritty of the practice. Since then, there has been no looking back. 

She says, "I thought that at least things needed can be grown on their own. Why not try it? I talked to some people, I wanted to do community farming, But no one was ready to come with me. I had no farming experience, but I was fond of gardening. I did some research, talked to some people. I got some help from YouTube. I saw videos of those who did organic farming."

The will to do good things has taken her a long way indeed! 

She says, "We had a little land in Karaala, a short distance from Delhi. I started organic farming from an acre of land there in April 2019. First I planted vegetables. The first year was a good response. After that I expanded the scope of farming. Now I am cultivating five acres of land. I am growing 17 types of vegetables. Now I have also started multilayer farming. 10 people work in my team. "

Fortunately, her family has also stood by her. Now, as she grows vegetables abundantly, she has great demand. She has created a Whatsapp group. Through it, she takes orders and delivers them home. 

She further adds that she has a hundred regular customers. She also has a desire to take up agro tourism to educate people about the importance of organic farming.