Bengaluru: The coronavirus-induced lockdown in India has had its terrible effects. However, on the other side, many have used this crisis as an opportunity to improve their prospects and emerge financially stronger. 

Karan Kumar of Delhi is an example. He used to work as a private driver of an MP. But during the lockdown, he was expelled. 


Life was indeed hard for him. He tried very hard to get himself a job, but did not succeed. His wife Amrita too helped him, but nothing fructified. 

As days became more and more tough, Karan started an eatery business. He and his wife used to cook food, bring them and sell them in Delhi. Initially, it was very difficult for them but as days wore on, things became easier. 

His wife says, “On the first day we made three kilograms of rice, half a kilogram of beans and half a kilo of chickpeas. We left from Faridabad. Stopped at ITO for a while. We stayed in many other places in between. It was three o'clock by the time I came here. The entire food had cooled down and not even a plate had been sold. We distributed all the food to the beggars sitting here and returned with a sad heart. But slowly people started coming to this place and now everything is going well”. 

Now as their business flourishes, the couple come to the stall at sharp 11 o’ clock. By 2 o’ clock, they sell their stuff and return home. 

They have big plans now. 

The wife adds, “We have small pots right now. I have to get up at 3 am to cook so much of it. No more than that is made in it. Soon we will enlarge our kitchen. Many people return without eating and it does not seem right to us. We will prepare a setup soon. "

They earn not less than Rs 1 lakh a month.