Bengaluru: The issue of the removal of SPG cover to the Gandhi family has created a stir. 

In Rajya Sabha, Congress leader Anand Singh said, "We urge the government that issues of security of our leaders have to be beyond partisan political considerations."

But Subramanian Swamy, a senior BJP leader was quick to retort. He said, “The threat surrounding the Gandhi family disappeared with the end of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who were responsible for the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi on 21 May, 1991.”

The leader also cited Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, saying under this article, everyone is equal before the law and the Gandhis can’t claim to be special. 

It wasn’t just Subramanian Swamy, even JP Nadda, the working president of the BJP made it clear that there was nothing political in it. 

He said, “There is nothing political, security hasn't been withdrawn. Home Ministry has a very set pattern and there is a protocol. It is not done by a politician, it is done by the home ministry and according to threat perception the security is given and withdrawn."

A few days earlier, the government withdrew SPG cover to the Gandhi family based on reasons that they did not cooperate with the SPG cover and even impeded the smooth functioning of the SPG. 

Rahul Gandhi is also alleged to have not informed the SPG during his foreign visits. As per sources, out of his 156 foreign jaunts since 1991, he did not take the SPG for a whopping 14d times. 

The SPG was formed in the year 1988 to provide security to the prime minister. At that point in time, the home ministry felt there was an acute need to have a specialised protection group, under a designated officer.