Bengaluru: 26-year-old Ataullah Bukhari, is a resident of Jammu. Academically, he studied engineering. 

But his profession is entirely different. He sells vegetables and earns good profits as well. 

After returning to Jammu after his studies in Chandigarh, he started searching for a job, but wasn’t successful. 

At the same time, the onset of coronavirus coincided. So it was only getting tough for him. 


He used to sit at home wondering what his future would be. That is when the idea of starting his own business struck his mind. 

As soon as the lockdown was over, he purchased a three-wheeler and designed it to suit the ‘shop on wheels’ concept and started selling vegetables. 

He says, "As soon as the lockdown was over, I got a three-wheeler auto financed and designed it on the 'shop on wheels' concept. It was certain that these days people will definitely buy hygienic, clean and good quality vegetables and fruits if they are sitting at home. So I designed a website as well.” 

Along with thim, two of his friends, Abdul Matin and Aamir Nisar also joined hands. 

As the business started, they did face initial hurdles, but now they supply vegetables to as many as 100 households at low prices.

He says, “Today we are giving vegetables to about 100 households in Jammu through online and WhatsApp orders. Apart from this, we are also selling fruits and vegetables in many residential areas and societies of Jammu.” 

His friend Ataullah adds, “We financed a loading career for two lakh rupees and then spent the rest on designing it. After this, when we started work, profits started coming. Although we are new in this work, the determination of more people than profit is necessary. Our effort is to take this work further and make our own place.”

Determination to succeed takes you places, doesn’t it?