Bengaluru: The scourge of fake news has bombarded the society. In the hurry to give news quickly, facts and figures are compromised with and lies are peddled across, thereby killing veracity. 

But efforts are on to counter this threat and restore authenticity. 

It is heartening to note that students of IIT Dharwad, Karnataka have invented an app that serves precisely this purpose of identifying and arresting phoney news. 

Ramesn Pokhriyal Nishant, minister of education informed it on his twitter account: 

He said, “Students from @iitdhrwd have designed a mobile app which will help detect #FakeNews. The app will be launched in 2 months and will help curtain the spread of disinformation.

A wonderful innovation!


The app will be launched two months from now. 

The students who have contributed to the invention of the app are Aman and his friends. 

Speaking to ABP News, he said, “Our app will not only succeed in arresting fake news, but will also endeavour to put out the right news.” 

He added, “Fake news is peddled on social media. After brainstorming over the issue, we decided that app would be the apt solution to right the wrong.” 
The app has received widespread recognition, including the minister of education. 

Once it is launched, it can be downloaded fro various platforms.