Bengaluru: Raj Dagwar is a computer engineering student of Pune Institute of Computer Technology. 

He has become an internet sensation now. That is because he started a unique idea that has given the common man a platform to vent out their problems. 

He stands on the road and listens to the stories of others. This gives them an opportunity to pour out their woes. 


He says, as quoted by Midday, "The pandemic has been hard for everyone. There is not a single person who has not been directly or indirectly impacted by it. I just want to give time to others. I am hearing their stories in a situation where we barely have time for ourselves". 

He was staying in Dubai, but returned to Pune to continue his studies. 

He further adds, "On the first day, I stood on the street from 8 pm to 11.30 pm. I wasn't expecting a great response, but a lot of people were intrigued and walked up to me. We chatted, and it felt good. What surprised them was that I was willing to give them Rs 10 in exchange for a short conversation". 

He holds a placard asking people to narrate their stories and that he would give them Rs 10 in return. 

It was only through social media that his parents came to know of his endeavour. 

"My parents found out about it through social media, and were pleasantly surprised, too," the website adds. 

So what is his favourite story? 

He says, "I met him on the first day of my campaign. He said that he had a failed relationship, which led him on a downward spiral. He used to drink every day. His father, who had lost hope of helping him, died. He regretted every bit of it, and went into therapy. After years of struggle, he eventually recovered and he has been sober for long. I gave him a hug. It was surreal".