Bengaluru: The fight in the Congress party is not limited to what’s transpiring in Rajasthan. While a young and dynamic Sachin Pilot feels indignant at the way a veteran like Ashok Gehlot has treated him, there are now talks that the top brass or the members of Team Sonia are unhappy with Rahul Gandhi and the way he deals with things. 

The latest bone of contention Team Sonia members are unhappy is the way Rahul has gone ahead making videos on national security. 

As quoted by a popular website, a senior leader said, “He does not talk to us and we have no idea who is advising him.” 


A report in this regard by NDTV notes that the seniors in the party are miffed and hurt at the way Rahul has sidelined them. Even when it comes to the issue of mocking Narendra Modi on China, seniors have gone on to reveal that they had not been consulted, not just on this issue, but other important issues as well. They further add that they have no clue as to who is advising the scion on such issues of great importance. 

Additionally, they feel that targeting PM Narendra Modi unnecessarily on such issues doesn’t augur well for the party. 

Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that he was not lying on the issue of China. 

He said, “I don’t care if I don’t have a political career after that but I am going to say the truth as far as the India territory is concerned.”

But as he made this statement, BJP leaders pointed out that Rahul Gandhi does not have a political career in the first place. 

Back to the issue of old versus young, Sonia Gandhi loyalists believe that Rahul must consult seniors and elicit their views, just like Sonia Gandhi talks to them and seeks their advice.