Bengaluru: At a time of crisis, it is imperative we bury our differences and stand as one. 

We must dissolve all our differences and take the bull by the horns and improve the lives of our citizens. 

With the coronavirus spreading its tentacles far and wide and attacking people all across the globe, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone the extra mile in educating and exhorting his countrymen to follow protective and preventive measures to keep the virus at bay. 

From tweets to videoconferencing (with SAARC members) he has left no stone unturned to make his point. 

But unfortunately, an inane politician like Rahul Gandhi, the former AICC chief, has chosen to play petty politics over the pandemic. 

In this regard, he said, “The coronavirus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is the government is not taking this threat seriously. Timely action is critical. I will keep repeating this. The #coronavirus is a huge problem. Ignoring the problem is a non-solution. The Indian economy will be destroyed if strong action is not taken. The government is in a stupor.”

Any politician as ignorant as Rahul Gandhi talking in such a manner is no surprise. 

But his own party men have exposed him and his bias. 

TN Congress MP Karti Chidambaram said, “I must compliment the government in the efforts it is taking to contain the corona pandemic. It's a fast-evolving crisis and one should not play with it. We must compliment the government for their efforts and support the government in whatever it's doing".

India WHO representative Henk Bekedam also threw his weight behind Narendra Modi. 

He said, “The commitments from the Indian government and from the top-level, Prime Minister’s office and he himself has been enormous, has been very good and impressive. India is doing quite well.”

It is also interesting to note that an Australian journalist James Oaten, in his piece has praised India for its efforts. 

He says, “India knows prevention is better than a cure. It’s an approach that’s left me pretty calm (so far) during the coronavirus outbreak.” 

All these eulogies completely negate Rahul Gandhi’s claim and expose him. 

What’s disheartening is how Rahul Gandhi plays politics at a time he should have given his unconditional support. 

Probably, it would not be an exaggeration to state that vaccine for coronavirus will certainly be found out and it will be curable, but the attitude of flippant and facetious like Rahul Gandhi is incurable.