Bengaluru: Former chief minister of Karnataka, Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah took to Twitter to reply to a Bagalkot youth, who challenged him to visit Badami (his constituency) and questioned his contribution to the place as an MLA.

Siddaramaiah was elected as an MLA from Badami after he defeated BJP’s Sriramulu by a thin margin of 1,696 votes.

"Siddaramaiah has only one thing in his mind. He just wants to become chief minister again. Why would he care about people to check whether they are alive or dead? Elections are anyway over," said Ramesh Beelagi, a resident from Badami, Bagalkot district, Karnataka.

The youth had invited Siddaramaiah with a sacrastic Tweet stating, "Even though you were elected one year ago as the MLA from Badami, you have not attended even a single meeting in the district. You did not visit the district even when ministers from the coalition government and a drought inspection team arrived from the Centre. At least visit our district now," he had said. 

Reacting to the same, Siddaramaiah put of series of Tweets and gave proof of his travel to Badami and the work that are underway. 

"After I was elected as an MLA from Badami last year, I have visited the place more than 50 times and have listened to the grievances of the people of the constituency. I have also started a 'home office' to have accessible communication with the people of the constituency." 

"In the last one year, Badami has seen development that was never seen before. Projects including irrigation, roads, tourism, infrastructure worth more than Rs 1300 crore is underway."  


"It is not my habit to herald my achievements. I am discharging my duties as an MLA with honesty. The voters of the constituency know this. I am not interested in getting into a political argument."


It can be noted that Siddaramaiah had contested from two constituencies Chamundeshwari and Badami during the Assembly election last year. While he lost to GT Devegowda of the JD(S) by a margin of 36,042 votes in Chamundeshwari, he won the Badami seat by a margin of a little over thousand votes.

Thus, Siddaramaiah is trying to keep his ground through interaction and Tweets in the fear that he might lose the support of people in Badami too.