New Delhi: Day after raising concerns that Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) protests on 'secularism' might get hijacked by Islamist slogans which pronounce that Allah is the only God, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is trying to monkey-balance his way back to the good books of radicals.


While Shashi Tharoor was in Jamia Millia Islamia to express solidarity against the CAA, the radicals began to chant "La Ilaha Illallah" (There is only one God, Allah).

As the Congress MP began to address the protesters at the Jamia, the demonstrators began to chant "La Ilaha Ilallah".


Minutes after the Congress MP was shouted down, several party workers and members of Jamia Coordination Committee tore down the Islamic Shahada posters that were raised in the premises.

The reason why radicals attacked the Congress MP is that in December 2019, Tharoor had reacted to protesters chanting the same Islamic Shahada. The Shahada is often followed by "muḥammadun rasulu llah", which means "Muhammad is the messenger of God".


These religious chants represent the primary philosophy of Islam that claims Allah is the only God, and there is no other God.

Tharoor said that their "fight against Hindutva extremism should give no comfort to Islamist extremism either". He said that the fight against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is a fight to defend inclusive India. "We will not allow pluralism and diversity to be supplanted by any religious fundamentalism," he added.

Soon, the radicals descended upon his timeline to call him a 'soft bigot'.

Earlier, Tharoor was accused of soft bigotry for his comments and said that it is "their fight", and urged the protesters to stop telling him what to do.

It was after this incident, Tharoor's attempt to appease the radicals failed. Nonetheless, he even offended the protesters by likening "Hindutva" (which by 'secular' definition is Hindu extremism) to Islam and Christianity in an infographic he shared last week.

Tharoor's attempts to pacify the radicals are failing harder every time he tries. It is only a matter of time for the radicals to see when Tharoor finally joins the chorus.