Bengaluru: NCP chief Sharad Pawar, in an exclusive interview with CNN News18, has advised Rahul Gandhi not to attack PM Narendra Modi personally. 

He said, “Attacking PM Modi might be his personal opinion but we have seen that targeting any particular individual has an adverse impact on your own credibility. It should be avoided.” 


Interestingly, though Sharad Pawar quit Congress in 1999 due to Sonia Gandhi, he had kind words for the Gandhi family. 

He said, “I have seen the evolution of Congress over last several years. And I want to note one thing. Whether people accept it or not, it is the Gandhis who have kept the party intact. Soniaji succeeded in forging a cohesive Congress unit. Now, Congressmen regard Rahul Gandhi as their leader. While it is their internal matter and up to the rank and file of the party, I believe they should hand over the responsibility of party leadership to him.”

Sharad Pawar’s views come at a time when the old guard in the Congress party feel betrayed by Rahul Gandhi as he allegedly vouches for young blood. 

Senior leaders, sources say, are miffed and indignant at the way Rahul is treating them. Even in relation to his videos on China, seniors feel that attacking Narendra Modi unnecessarily may act counterproductively and concede and confess to the fact that they don’t know who is tutoring him on the issue. 

Another interesting observation made by Sharad Pawar was that Rahul Gandhi must be handed over the reins of the party. 

He said, “It is high-time Rahul Gandhi is handed over the party leadership.”

Rahul Gandhi had resigned as the party president last year owing to the humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. After he resigned, it was his mother Sonia Gandhi who was made the interim chief.