New Delhi: The security provided to the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) is similar to what a VVIP gets. Even when the EVMs are not in use, dedicated officers are responsible to keep a strict vigil. It is impossible to tamper with or move the EVMs.

The EVMs are normally stored in a warehouse under the watch of the District Electoral Officer (DEO) who along with Election Commission (EC) staff keeps an eye on the EVMs. These warehouses normally have thick walls which is not easy to break.

These warehouses are guarded by police and security guards. All warehouses are also under CCTV surveillance. When the EVMs are not use, they are not allowed to move out from the warehouses without written permission.

Once the EVMs are checked, EC also gives a demo to all political parties on how these machines are put inside strong rooms and also party representatives can also put their own seal on the locks. The security of these strong rooms is the responsibility of a police officer not below the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

No one is allowed to roam around the strong rooms and no one is allowed to break the seal stamped on the locks of the strong rooms. These rooms have multi-layered security which includes EC officials, representatives who can sit outside the room, para military forces and local police. It is almost impossible to break the security cover and enter into the strong room. Even if some enter, there is a round the clock CCTV surveillance which is monitored by dedicated security staff. 

After voting

The presiding officer is responsible to prepare an account of number of votes recorded in the EVM machines and a copy of the document is provided to all candidates polling agents. If the agents are satisfied with the document, then they have to sign on the paper. Candidates and their representatives are allowed to travel behind the vehicles carrying EVMs from polling stations to strong rooms for their satisfaction.

On the other side, those EVMs which are stored as reserved machines must be returned to strong room but should be kept in a different room but with full security cover. Here also, candidates and their representatives can stay at the location and guard the strong rooms. They are allowed to keep their stamps on locks of the EVM rooms. Once strong rooms are locked, no one can open it but in case of any unavoidable circumstances rooms can be opened only in the presence of the candidate or his representative.