Bengaluru: For the likes of Prashant Bhushan, who are in the vanguard of knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court at ungodly hours and even don’t hesitate to hurt, humiliate and harass Hindus, the Supreme Court’s decision to dishonour the Ayodhya review petitions has come as a slap on their face. 

Sources say that the very purpose of holding the hearing in chambers and not in the open court was to chide the lawyers on the review petitions filed. The sources add that the top judges didn’t want to castigate the lawyers in public, and therefore, the move for a closed-door hearing. 

So what next for the anti-Hindu brigade? 

Will they dare to file a curative petition? Sources say even if they do, the court might take strict cognisance of it and might not dither from imposing heavy fines. 

That being the case, it is incumbent upon the lawyers to counsel their clients and convince them to accept the order and move on. 

In fact, the merciless dismissal of the 18 review petitions by the 5 learned judges of the top court is only a robust communication to the people of India that the country needs to move on and not embroil itself in needless argy-bargies and litigations. 

Narendra Taneja, a BJP spokesperson says, “It is very much in line with the general thinking and general view of the people of the country. The Supreme Court has delivered its verdict in its infinite wisdom. Now it is the time to build the Ram temple. We are happy and glad the SC has taken this decision. Even Muslims will accept the judgement of the SC and they want the temple to be built. It is only a few against the Hindu-Muslim harmony who are doing all this.” 

In its earlier order, the SC had given 2.77 acres of the disputed land to Hindus and 5 acres of land within Ayodhya to Muslims.