Bengaluru: Even though India has progressed in many ways, the scourge of child marriage refuses to die. 

As children are forced into premature marriages, they don’t just lose their precious childhood, but end up being traumatised as well. 

It is here that the interference of the elderly makes a lot of difference. 

Dr Kriti Bharti, hailing from Rajasthan and her NGO, Saarthi Trust have made phenomenal contributions to end child marriages. 

As reported by The New Indian Express, a child bride Nimbu was freed from an unwanted child marriage after 18 long years. 

Nimbu was married at the age of 2 in 2002! Even as she protested against it in growing-up years, the village elders intimidated her to remain in the framework and further told her that they would ostracise the family. 

However, Nimbu mustered courage and sought the help of Kriti. The marriage was annulled by a court as Kriti herself willed to be a witness. 

“This marriage had ruined me… Kriti Didi has given me a new life. I will now study and become a police officer,” says Nimbu. 

As for Bharti, she says, “We will make efforts for full rehabilitation of Nimbu”. 

Sadly, Kriti herself had to undergo turbulent times in her childhood. The website notes that she herself had had a traumatic childhood. Her father was a doctor who abandoned her mother even before Kriti was born. After her birth, she faced a lot of problems and had to discontinue her education, which she pursued much later. A disturbed childhood has transformed her into a fearless crusader.