Bengaluru: Sandalwood actress Rachita Ram, known for her traditional roles in movies, found herself in the eye of a storm. In her latest Kannada movie I Love You, starring actor-director Upendra, the actress is seen in a bold scene. Though the movie has been doing well, fans and admirers of the actress have expressed their dissatisfaction over seeing their heartthrob in a never-before-seen avatar.

Though the script of the movie demanded that the actress commit to a bold scene, the actress’s parents are not happy with her. In a candid interview with a Kannada channel News 18, the actress could not hold back her tears and sought forgiveness from her parents, who she says are her be-all and end-all.

It’s not that the actress regrets her role, but to her parents, she is still a “child” and to see her in a daring role was “uneasy and uncomfortable”.

The actress candidly admits thus: “My mother said I accept you as a heroine, but certainly not as a daughter. Immediately, I sought apologies from both my parents. I also promised them that I would not be doing any such roles in the future.”

Later, the actress couldn’t control her tears. She said, “Even to this day, my father considers me to be a small child. I always say sorry to my father. I can’t control my tears. I can give happiness to them and cause hurt as well. There is no need for them to depend on my earnings. They have taken care of us well. It is wrong to hurt them, and I am not going to hurt them anymore. They felt very bad. For me family is everything. My family is priority. When my father said that I am like a small child to him, I felt very bad. I am very sorry. I don’t show this before him. I generally say that I am like a boy.”