Bengaluru: While there is an inexplicable chorus growing for the release of Safoora Zargar, an accused in anti-CAA rioting in New Delhi, the Delhi police has reiterated in its status report that pregnancy can’t be reason enough for her release. 

“It is respectfully submitted that till date 39 deliveries have taken place in Delhi prison in last 10 years,” it added. 

The status report also added that the accused was disposed towards creating turmoil. 

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“The applicant/ accused was not only disposed towards creating turmoil to severely undermine public order and imperil national security but erode and frustrate the civil compact which holds our polity together,” it explained. 

It also said, “The applicant/ accused combined with the other accused weaved a web of actions animated by an unlawful object of creating terror and disaffection. And notwithstanding her maintaining stealth and secrecy about her real designs the available circumstantial evidence clearly demonstrates that a protestation of innocence is phony, her actions are neither licit nor legitimate and she is clearly culpable of criminal wrongs or grave magnitude deserving no indulgence from this court.”

It also added more on the way it has collected evidence against her. 

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“It is also extremely crucial to note here that direct evidence is not always available of a conspiratorial design and mere absence of a contemporaneous record does not even remotely suggest the absence of a case against the applicant/ accused because she stands clearly implicated by the evidence which stands unearthed by the investigation which is continuing even now and further trails of criminality is being unearthed.” 


Jamia Coordination Committee member Zargar, who was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police on April 10, has challenged in the high court the June 4 order of the trial court denying her bail in the case.

The hearing in the high court also witnessed exchange of words between Mehta, Lekhi on one side and Delhi government standing counsel (criminal) Rahul Mehra who objected the appearance of the two senior law officers on behalf of Delhi Police in the case.