Bengaluru: Protests continue to spread across the nation against the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which is now a law. 

While the protesters do have the right to state their outrage against something they perceive to be against the spirit of the country and society, the outrage surely has strayed into the boundaries of communalism, with anti-Hindu remarks being uttered. 


In the two videos embedded above, chants against Hindus can be clearly be heard. The protesters are seeking freedom from Hindus in the name of anti-CAB protests. 

This is what clearly hurts the most. Though the Modi government has clearly stated that the CAB doesn’t apply to Indian citizens and Indian Muslims, there is a clear endeavour to spread misinformation and fearmonger. 

A BJP spokesperson also said that circulars were being handed over to Muslims in Bengaluru, with a clear intent to spread panic and they were being asked to fill the details. 

Even Union home minister Amit Shah, on the floor of the Rajya Sabha, has clearly mentioned in no uncertain terms that the bill doesn’t exclude anyone but includes all. The home minister also added that the law would not target Muslims in India and further reiterated that there was no ploy to make India ‘Muslim-free’. 

However, in spite of the reassurances, the Congress and its coterie are leaving no stone unturned to incite violence and spread unrest in the society. 

It might also be recalled that former PM Manmohan Singh, as the leader of the house (Rajya Sabha) in 2003 had sought citizenship to Bangladeshi refugees, but now it is the same Congress which is shouting its lungs out saying the Modi government is dividing the society based on communal lines. 

Other prominent leaders who sought to shelter Bangladeshi refugees in India included WB CM Mamata Banerjee in the year 2005.