Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always run his government on the principle of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. 

In the latest addition to this principle, the Modi-led government has decided to start an extensive network of residential schools called Eklavya Model residential schools. 

This network will be in place by 2022 and will have as many as 400 schools. 

“We are developing an extensive network of ‘Eklavya Model residential schools in the country. By 2022, more than 400 such new schools will be opened,” said Prime Minister Modi in his address to the Ekal Vidyalaya Sangathan, Gujarat, through videoconference.

The move to open such schools centres itself around the need to educate tribal children and bring them to the mainstream.

The PM added, “The Central government is working for the education of tribal children with special emphasis on their skill development. The scholarship schemes for the tribal children have been made more transparent and more opportunity is provided to them for their education.”

Any endeavour in charting such schemes for the marginalised must also encompass the minutest of details. If this is ignored, the scheme will fail to meet its intended meaning as the loopholes will drain the beneficiaries of the intended goal. 

The PM said in this regard, “We are paying attention to every small thing like holidays are granted in these schools on tribal festivals. As a result, the drop-out rate has decreased and the tribal children are also happy. These schools are also being developed to provide them with modern sports facilities.” 

Apart from all these aspects, it is important to note that the society as a whole should play a positive role in helping the government reach its objectives. The PM paid special emphasis to that. 

He said, “In my view, the government efforts alone are not sufficient. The government and society should collectively strive for making such schemes a success.”