Bengaluru: As Coronavirus spreads its tentacles, bringing the world to a grinding halt, PM Modi arranged a videoconferencing on the ways to contain the virus and curb its consequence. 
As he spoke on the issue, the PM broached upon the issue of setting up a fund to deal with the crisis. 

He said, “India can start with an initial offer of $10 million for coronavirus emergency fund. Our embassies can coordinate for the utilisation of this fund. India can also arrange training capsules for your health workers' training.” 

The PM also outlined India’s preparedness to deal with the situation and offered the help of Indian specialists for the SAARC nations. 

He said, “We are assembling a Rapid Response Team of doctors and specialists in India, along with testing kits and other equipment. They will be on stand-by, to be placed at your disposal, if required.”

The PM also spoke on the importance of setting up integrated disease surveillance portal to trace virus carriers. 

In this regard, he said, “We have set up an Integrated Disease Surveillance Portal to better trace possible virus carriers and the people they contacted. We could share this Disease Surveillance software with SAARC partners, and training on using this.” 

Originating in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus eventually graduated into a pandemic, affecting lakhs of people all over the world. As of today (March 15) the deaths related to the virus have gone beyond 5000. 

The number of those who have recovered has remained at 75,960. 

In India, there have been 2 deaths and the number of cases reported stands at 107. 

PM Modi has urged the countrymen not to travel unnecessarily and not to panic but to stay alert and be aware.