Bengaluru: The split is wide open in the Congress! While several leaders like former finance minister P Chidambaram have openly criticised PM Modi and his financial package amounting to Rs 20 lakh crore, one of its senior leaders Milind Deora has begged to differ and openly eulogised PM Modi for the financial package announced. 

He said, “Timely announcement of a US $266 billion economic package by @narendramodi ji. If carefully executed, we will avert a humanitarian crisis, expand India’s role in global supply chains & revolutionise our @makeinindia capabilities. In Chinese, crisis = danger + opportunity.” 


Later, he again took to Twitter and expressed hope that the crisis will lead to structural reforms and jobs growth. 

He said, “Reform or perish“. In addition to direct transfers & sectoral fillips, hope @nsitharaman ji outlines government’s roadmap for structural reforms & jobs growth. Let’s seize the moment & make India Asia’s top destination to invest & do business in!” 


In his address on Tuesday, the Prime Minister had said, "Street vendors, domestic workers, labourers have faced a lot of troubles. They have sacrificed a lot. It is our duty to take steps to secure their financial interests. Locals have fulfilled the demand arising out of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. They have saved us from the crisis. Time has taught us this."

"From today, all citizens need to be vocal for local. Not just buy local products but also campaign for them," the Prime Minister had further added.

In his address, the PM came up with a financial package worth Rs 20 lakh crore to take care of an ailing economy.

He added that the package would address issues related to farmers, labourers, daily wagers among others.

The package happens to be 10% of the GDP.

The Prime Minister also underlined the need to have Aatmanirbhar or in simple terms self-reliance. He urged the citizens to use this adversity of coronavirus pandemic and create an opportunity to become self-sufficient.

He further urged citizens to embrace the whole world as one family and work for their needs as well.

While the financial package was announced, as usual and as expected, the Congress jumped in to criticize PM Modi and his announcement. The MP unit of the party wants a 50% of GDP financial package, not realizing that it will lead to inflation.