It requires a lot of efforts to make dreams come true. Roadblocks occur all along the way but are quite important to understand if you are going to decide to turn away or power through the testing times with solid dedication. President of Brahmastra Multipurpose Education and Service Organization, Ravi Agrawal is man of his words. He did not take a pause while striving to climb the ladder that will make him reach his goal and as a result made his mark in the industry.

Born and brought up in a town in Maharashtra, Ravi is now the District Vice President of the BJP Yuva Morcha. They have always stressed the importance of education and empowerment in the country as a leader. Ravi believes, “Education is the only key to success. Hard work also only pays off when you are directed in the right way to do it, otherwise you are just a naive person wasting your energy. Hence, I always motivate people to educate themselves and keep sharpening their skill set.”

Ravi had a major setback when his family’s steel business was sold out due to a significant loss at the company. It was during this period that he built his empire through his unwavering loyalty and willingness to work. By putting his best effort into many ventures, he gained valuable entrepreneurial experience and was able to buy his legacy back.

With his hard work, he bought the steel company back a few years later. His new businesses included Hariom Trading, Pannarukmini Food Junction, Shivam Sales, and Rupam Steel. Also became a politician after establishing himself as a businessman. Despite his modest beginnings, he has always stood up for his countrymen.

Ever since a very young age, he always garnered the feeling of empathy within him. He has selflessly contributed to the betterment of the country by organising food distribution drives and contributing to humanitarian efforts and donations. It is for certain that this man has a bigger aim for his people and the society on a whole and he is determined to fulfil it.