Bengaluru: To protest peacefully is the fundamental right of any person. 

But to extend that right to spread animosity and create violence, thereby disrupting normal life is nothing short of a criminal act. 

Well, the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act by the Indian Parliament is to grant citizenship to non-Muslims who are persecuted in Pakistan Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

But due to the widespread rumour-mongering, protests have been going around in the country. Though peaceful protests are welcome, in the name of protests, buses have been torched, policemen have been targeted, railway lines have been vandalised and infrastructure demolished. 

On Sunday, in Mumbai, a group of protesters gathered at the Uttar Pradesh Bhawan to protest against Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath. They even brought his effigies with them and wanted to burn them. But what hurts anyone is how they clad the effigy in a saree and bangles, as if to portray that he was a weak CM. 

Thankfully, the police intervened and prevented a potentially inflammable situation. 

In fact, the UP CM must be thanked, because it was he who ordered his bureaucracy to attach the properties of vandals involved in the protests, with an view to earning back the losses. But, as expected, here too, the pseudos started blaming the UP CM alleging that he was targeting the Muslims. 

The prime minister, Union home minister have been reiterating that the CAA has nothing do with Indian Muslims in particular or any Indian citizen in general. 

Apart from that, the other two enumeration policies, the NRC and NPR, too have been devised to get more details about the Indian population. 

While the NRC is still in the drafting stage, Modi’s cabinet has okayed more funds for the NPR, which will be carried out in the months of April to September.