In Ayodhya, concerns have surfaced over water leakage from the sanctum sanctorum of the newly inaugurated Ram temple following the first heavy showers since its opening to the public. Chief priest Acharya Satyendra Das raised the alarm over what he described as negligence in the temple's construction, highlighting the lack of adequate drainage arrangements for rainwater.

Immediate Action Taken by Temple Authorities
Upon receiving reports of water leakage, Nripendra Mishra, the temple construction committee chairman, he swiftly intervened. He directed immediate repairs to the roof and emphasized the need to make it waterproof. Temple trust sources confirmed Mishra's proactive approach to address the issue promptly.

Challenges and Timeline of Temple Construction
Speaking to reporters about the ongoing construction, Mishra provided updates on the progress, noting that work on the first floor is underway and expected to conclude by July this year. He expressed optimism that the entire temple construction will be completed by December.

Local Impact and Public Response
Meanwhile, heavy rainfall on Saturday night resulted in severe waterlogging across Rampath Road and adjacent lanes in Ayodhya. Reports indicated that sewer water entered residential areas, and several newly constructed roads suffered cave-ins. Locals expressed dissatisfaction with the infrastructure's response to the rain, highlighting areas from Jalwanpura to Hanumangarhi Bhaktipath affected by waterlogging.

Political Criticism and Allegations
In response to the infrastructure issues, political reactions emerged, particularly from the Congress party. Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Ajay Rai accused the ruling BJP of corruption in both the temple construction and civic projects in Ayodhya. Rai criticized the BJP for allegedly compromising quality in construction to expedite completion for electoral gains, citing concerns raised by Chief Priest Satyendra Das about the temple's structural integrity.

"The BJP has turned Ayodhya into a hub of corruption by rushing second-rate construction projects without proper compensation to residents," Rai stated, echoing frustrations over the reported shortcomings in infrastructure development.

Efforts to obtain comments from top officials of the Public Works Department (PWD) regarding the infrastructure failures during the rainfall did not yield responses.

As discussions continue regarding the temple's structural concerns and infrastructure challenges in Ayodhya, stakeholders await further updates and remedial actions to mitigate future risks and ensure the integrity of the iconic Ram temple and surrounding areas.